“Rocker” Woody Woodrow Finds Balance and Bliss with Yoga

Woody Woodrow has been seen around Yoga Sol this Winter as both inspired Yogi and special guest yoga teacher.  His “day job” – touring musician with Our Last Night is so fascinating to all of us! (Who doesn’t want to hear the tales of a rock’n’roll band).  As part of the Vans Warped Tour’15, he and his band are just about to ship off to Russia to begin a World Tour. You won’t want to miss this month’s Woody special guest appearances and his Special Event Workshop – Mindful Movement with Music: Accomplishing Hard Things in Easy Ways – Sun March 29th 1-3pm.  We’ll even end with a Champagne Send-Off immediately following!

Just a little more info below – promises to be a great event!

Rozanne: What is your vision for this workshop?

Woody: My vision is to see everyone moving with comfort and ease in their body. We can accomplish anything when we focus on relaxing in our poses. I want everyone to leave with a fresh new creative approach to their practice that they want to share with their family and friends.

Rozanne: Tell me about your band and your upcoming world tour.woody tour pix 3 logo

Woody: I helped found a heavy rock band 10 years ago which has brought me from New Hampshire to Southern California. We tour extensively all over the world. Our next tour starts at the beginning of April, in Russia, and will take us throughout Europe and Asia. We are busy working on a new CD which we will release before the Vans Warped Tour this summer, which will take us all over the US. We have a strong following on YouTube and enjoy doing covers of Top 40 radio songs along with our originals. They can all be found at www.YouTube.com/OurLastNightBand

Rozanne: I noticed that you have your own Yoga Youtube channel as well, what made you decide to do yoga online?

Woody: I want to empower other people so they can accomplish great things in easy ways. My goal before I started teacher training was to bring yoga to those who do not think they can do yoga. I want to bridge the gap and give people the tools they need to take class anywhere and feel comfortable in their body. Doing something new like going to a class for the first time can be scary and intimidating and I want everyone interested to be able to take class with confidence and know that we can do anything when we listen to our bodies. I was also inspired by my good friend and mentor Tara Stiles to take my practice online and share yoga in my own way. My channel can be found at www.youtube.com/WoodyWoodrowYoga

RWoody blog pixozanne: So busy, how did you have time to do yoga training with your tour schedule?

Woody: I got really lucky and found a CorePower studio (in Cambridge MA) that was willing to work with me through my tour schedule and get me my 200hr RYT. My lead instructors worked with me through email and text while I was on the road to keep the dialogue going and covering everything from anatomy and the 8 Limbed Path, to mindful eating, sequencing and more. I am super lucky to have had help while balancing training and touring.

Rozanne: What does yoga mean to you in your life and your work?

Woody: I want to help people find their endless potential. I believe that can happen through music whether you’re playing on stage, singing in your car or listening to a killer playlist in your yoga class. Music is a universal language, it helps break the ice, it helps relax, it helps motivate, it helps inspire…it does all the exact same things yoga does and I love the two hand in hand.


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Rozanne Englehart