Yoga benefits for teens and kids

We are so happy to be seeing more and more teens embracing yoga here at YOGA SOL and finding the benefits!  Many are coming to increase flexibility for sports or dance.  Others come to find relaxation and balance to their often hectic lives.  These students are also noticing an improved academic focus and performance.  We love having the students and their young energy in class!

For regular classes, YOGA SOL welcomes students 12 years or older with or without parents, but does ask that students 8-11 years be accompanied by a parent and come with appropriate focus.

Teens & KidsYOGA SOL is thrilled to be hosting its first Kids’ Yoga Workshop – GIRL SCOUT FUN BADGE – Sat April 20th 2:30-4pm with Michelle Adams, RYT 500 & Certified Yoga Therapist.  Michelle, a Yorba Linda mom herself, is an amazingly gifted instructor who has worked extensively with children.  When discussing the benefits of yoga for children, Michelle says: “These are invaluable tools.  Can you imagine if every one of our children was given these tools, what our world would look like for our grandkids?”

She shares below a bit of research on yoga and children – quite powerful!

For children – excerpt from the YogaEd Manual

“Yoga breathing and movements release and dissipate the physiological consequences of the stress response in the body.  Yoga games engage us in creative play and thinking that ignites joy and stimulates the secretion of dopamine and DHEA – The happy chemicals of the body.  These positive chemical messengers build brain cells and improve mood, causing a positive attitude adjustment.  Visualization slows brain waves, allowing the nervous system to recharge, and the activity between both hemispheres of the brain to integrate.  This process enhances learning, problem solving and a sense of peaceful well-being.

Yoga Principles:

Be Peaceful/ show Kindness

Be Honest / Tell the truth

Be Tolerant / Accept others points of view

Be Generous / Share

Be Clean / Take Care of Yourself and your community

Be Content / See the Positive

Be disciplined / Work Hard

Be Responsible / Think before you speak or act

Be reflective / Spend time with yourself”