At Yoga Sol, we have several clients coming from CrossFit.  Some come recovering from an injury and many more come looking to yoga as a complement to CrossFit.  I have always felt like yoga was the perfect complement to CrossFit for a variety of reasons!  We have terrific neighbors in our Yorba Station Center, Jason at PR CAVE (a retail store for CrossFit related merchandise), so we see a lot of the CrossFitters.







I share the article below, 10 REASONS WHY CROSSFITTERS SHOULD START PRACTICING YOGA by Debbie Steingesser, a Yoga & CrossFit instructor in San Francisco:

1)   Yoga improves your range of motion and general mobility.

2)   Yoga helps you focus.

3)   Yoga teaches you how to breathe more efficiently.

4)   Yoga develops your ability to balance.

5)   Yoga keeps you fit.

6)   Yoga gives you time to relax.

7)   Yoga reinforces good positioning.

8)   Yoga can be a legitimate workout.

9)   Yoga builds community.

10) YOGA IS FUN! (my personal favorite)

Give it a read, and share it with someone that might find it helpful!

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Rozanne Englehart