Yoga for Winning Golf

With “Yoga For Golf”, I am able to combine two things that I am truly passionate about – yoga & golf! I have been golfing nearly thirty years and my husband Garry has been golfing since he began caddying as a kid and holds a “1” handicap (I attribute it all to yoga!)

I was first introduced to specific golf focused yoga with Katherine Roberts, when I completed her Yoga For Golfers teacher training in Phoenix a few years ago. Katherine Roberts has authored several books on the subject, is a regular on the Golf Channel and works locally with our California Angels.

Yoga for Golf When you think about, golf requires so many of the things that are also the key focuses of yoga – Flexibility, Strength, Stamina, Balance, Mental Focus, Confidence and Stress Reduction. In fact, if you look at just about any swing flaw (lifting up, reverse pivot, coming over the top, casting, inconsistency), it almost always ties back to a limitation in the physical body. If you are a golfer, you have probably invested a tidy of sum of money on the latest technology – the finest equipment – cutting-edge clubs, the newest golf balls, professional swing instruction. All good, but think how dramatically you might improve your game with an improvement in fitness. A strong, stable body that is fluid and flexible creates the foundation for a healthy, injury-free golfer. Lack of flexibility can limit range of motion and can cause an off-kilter stance. This often results in a stroke that’s off by a fraction of an inch (sometimes topping the ball or inconsistent iron play). Power, balance, and weight transfer all depend on shoulder, hip, and spinal flexibility.

In July 20th’s Yoga For Golf Workshop here at Yoga Sol, we will cover a precise combination of flexibility and golf-specific conditioning to improve performance. We will tackle a number of swing flaws, just a sampling below…

“S” Posture Swing Flaw – We will explore developing more mobility in the hips to keep the posture intact throughout the swing.

“C” Posture Swing Flaw – We will work with shoulder openers to improve posture at address and throughout the swing.

Lifting Up – Loss of Posture Flaw – We will focus on core strength to help maintain posture.

Sway Swing Flaw – By improving hip flexibility and glute strength, you can better turn and rotate around the central axis of your body rather than swaying.

Reverse Pivot – We will work to increase range of motion in the lats and trunk, increase hip mobility, build core & glute stability and strength.

It really all comes down to increased shoulder, hip, and spinal flexibility as well as improved core strength.

Equally important, are the mental components of the game. A well tuned body can also help you reach your mental peak. A yoga practice not only improves the body, but can develop the mental discipline that golf demands. Yoga brings awarness to breathing and by connecting to the subtleties of the breath, you can clear the mind. Improved concentration results in greater confidence. Can’t we all use a little more confidence as we step up to that first tee or our favorite water hole.

“What you’re looking for is a soft, flexible, fluid swing – that’s power.” – Earl Woods (father of Tiger Woods)

Please join us for a Yoga For Winning Golf Workshop Saturday July 20th 3pm!