Student Spotlight – Christine Han from Yorba Linda, CA

Rozanne: Congratulations! You are our Yoga Sol Student of the Month for April. From our understanding, you’re a relatively new yogi. What brought you to the mat, and what has kept you coming consistently?

Christine: I practiced yoga several times before when I was pursuing judo recreationally at Cal. After graduating, I left the States for a year of self-exploration in Oz and the U.K. Travelling as frequently as I did, I had spent a year in flux.  During that time, the only constant in my life was my Self. I returned home with a hunger for stability. Yoga brought me to a routine. Routine brought me stability, and stability allowed me to create a small measure of peace for myself.


Rozanne: We see you tend to be drawn toward Hatha and Vinyasa classes. What is it about these types of classes that draws you in?

Christine: I gravitate towards the two classes because I believe that they complement each other and help me to balance my practice. When practicing the Hatha styles, I use the time to check myself, inwardly adjusting my alignment and strength of each pose. On the other hand, when I practice Vinyasa, I see it as an opportunity to work on my coordination and my body’s ability to flow through those transitions, practicing the balance of strength within the body all the while through.

Rozanne: You have a family annual membership with your mother Yeoun. What has it been like to share a yoga practice with your mother?

Christine: Yoga Sol has given us (my mother and I) the opportunity to get to know ourselves and each other on a different plane.  We see it as an opportunity to pursue and interact on equal ground as pupils and peers of the practice.  I am so grateful to be able to grow and learn with my mother and our new community.

Rozanne: Thank you Christine! We are so honored to have you as a member of our community. Your lighthearted and kind spirit inspires us!