Yoga Sol celebrates its first anniversary September 14th. Interestingly, I understand that September is National Yoga Month – even more to celebrate!

This has been a remarkable year for us and we are thrilled to be growing this wonderful yoga community! I am quite thankful that we were able to build a beautiful studio and very thankful that we have assembled such a dedicated and gifted “Yoga Sol family” – both staff and students! It was very important to me and Garry to create a friendly, safe and supportive community. I just love working with Lisa, Gina and Courtney at the desk to get to know our students and to nurture this sense of community. Thanks to Lisa, we have a social media presence and we find that students love this part of “community”. I guess first of all, I enjoy teaching and am getting to know many of you in class!

Yoga SolIt is really all about the students and I feel pretty safe in saying that Yoga Sol has the best student community! Just a year ago, many students came to Yoga Sol a little bit curious about yoga; many never having done any yoga at all. Some had read about it, some were inspired by friends and some were encouraged by their doctors or chiropractors. A year later, many of these students are members with consistent practices. An impressive number of our students met our “Summer Blow Out Challenge”. Love the commitment! Most of our students first came to Yoga Sol to find strength and flexibility, but have discovered so much more. The components of focus, balance, mental clarity, and peace seem to really resonate with our students. Our workshops are popular and this tells me that students are desiring a deeper knowledge.

Advanced students have also found us this year, sometimes through a favorite teacher or some who have just moved into the area. We have seen many of our students grow their practices this year. Whether brand new to yoga or a ten year practitioner, we are so thrilled to see people advancing their practices and finding more peace and joy in their lives…and isn’t that what it is really all about!

Many of our new students wanted to share their love of yoga and brought family members with them. This is one of the best things about our community. We have mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, sisters, girl friends, basketball buddies and more! I think the fact that so many students come with someone they care about, helps them build a consistency in their own practice. I love the fact that our yoga community is friendly, people have a sense of humor and they genuinely enjoy sharing connections. There is also a powerful dynamic in practicing in community – I love the energy! And, did you ever notice how much further and deeper you go in your practice when surrounded by people you enjoy and respect?

One of my greatest joys at Yoga Sol is working with our masterful teachers. I am always inspired by their skill and generosity in sharing the gifts of yoga. Every one of our teachers has advanced education and experience, and still they all continue to study all over the U.S. and abroad to advance their own knowledge. We all benefit when they bring back new inspirations from these master teachers.

I like to say that Yoga Sol instructors “teach” rather than “lead” and I am very proud of that distinction. Our teachers are genuinely passionate and committed to individually helping each student find the gifts of yoga. This is the vision that Garry & I had when we opened Yoga Sol, and I am so grateful to have found the very best teachers and students!

If you are just getting to know us, I’ll give you some information on the variety and depth of our teachers. I think we have the best yoga teachers in Orange County!

Anh Chi & Michelle hold Therapeutic Yoga Certifications from Loyola Marymount (beyond other credentials) and bring their rich experience to both Gentle, Healing and Restorative classes, and also an elegant sensibility to their Flow classes. Noelle and Heidi are also currently completing the Loyola Marymount training. Noelle teaches Hatha Flow with an energetic physicality and Candle Light Restorative with blissful calm. Heidi delivers an energetic Flow class, informed by this higher training. Glen’s rich background as an Ayurvetic Practitioner, Thai Massage Therapist, and his extensive study has enabled him to help many students advance their practices to a deeper level. Amy continues to study with Shiva Rae and brings a beauty and grace to all of her classes. She even plays her guitar on Saturdays mornings – just wonderful! Kelly’s fans absolutely love her Wed. afternoon Meditative Flow – truly an inspiring class. Kelly is also a school teacher – just like so many of our Yoga Sol students. (Education is very important in Yorba Linda – how fabulous!). Christine continues to study with Annie Carpenter (Smart Flow ®) and I always look forward to that perfect “intelligent challenge”. Alisha holds a degree in Kinesiology and can craft a truly graceful, high physicality class. Big welcome to Carrie and Monica to Yoga Sol’s permanent staff this month. They both bring their own creative presentation to Flow. Carrie is a former Pilates studio owner and she will get you to do more than you thought you would simply with her skill and contagious smile.

Oh, and if you haven’t taken my classes… I have an alignment focused background and my personal style blends this with elements of a smart flow. I also teach the Rope Wall classes – largely influenced by my Iyengar mentor, Scott Hobbs. These are some of my favorite classes because they lend themselves to deep alignment work and we seem to always get a great energy in the room. Come join us! I am writing this while taking a 5 day intensive training at Esalen in Big Sur with Kia Miller – she is amazing! Vinyasa Flow – intermediate /advanced – with equal elements of balance and centering. Can’t wait to share when I return!

Please join us on September 14th to celebrate our anniversary. Live music, courtesy of Amy & Glen in all morning classes with tea and treats following – Amy’s 8am Vinyasa Flow, Noelle’s 9:30am Hatha Flow and my 11am Beginning Yoga.

Come join us in celebrating Yoga Sol’s 1st Anniversary! All morning classes on 9/14! We hope to see you there. Sign Up to reserve your spot!

Rozanne Englehart