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Fundraiser for Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

A bit about the wolves in the wild!

Southeast Alaska’s isolated wolf population has declined by 60 percent in just one year, dropping from an estimated 221 individuals in 2013 to 89 wolves in 2014, according to the U.S. Forest Service. Those numbers are already outdated. Another 29 wolves were reportedly killed in the 2014–2015 hunting and trapping season. Why should we care?

Since wild wolves have returned to Yellowstone, the elk and deer are stronger, the aspens and willows are healthier and the grasses taller. For example, when wolves chase elk during the hunt, the elk are forced to run faster and farther. As the elk run, their hooves aerate the soil, allowing more grasses to grow. Since the elk cannot remain stationary for too long, aspens and willows in one area are not heavily grazed, and therefore can fully recover between migrations. As with the rest of the country, coyote populations were nearly out of control in Yellowstone before the wolves returned. Now, the coyotes have been out- competed and essentially reduced by 80 percent in areas occupied by wolves. The coyotes that do remain are more skittish and wary. With fewer coyotes hunting small rodents, raptors like the eagle and osprey have more prey and are making a comeback. The endangered grizzly bears successfully steal wolf kills more often than not, thus having more food to feed their cubs. In essence, we have learned that by starting recovery at the top with predators like wolves, the whole system benefits. A wild wolf population actually makes for a stronger, healthier and more balanced ecosystem. From plant, to insect, to people… we all stand to benefit from wolves.

Lets come together and save the wolf from extinction and help bring back/keep our ecosystem in balance.

Their vision & mission:

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit 501(c)3 volunteer educational organization dedicated to the preservation and proper management of wolves in the wild and in captivity. They currently house 11 wolves they have rescued from the movie industry, back yard breeders who have abused these precious animals and even some from the wild who pack was shot down and they were left to die as pups.

This year’s fundraiser is a Yoga Fest at Yoga Sol Wellness Center in Yorba Linda On September 23, 2023.

ALL donations will go directly to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary Non Profit 501(c)3 ID #330823580 to help feed and house the wolves in the Sanctuary. Ways you can help:
• Raffle Prize
• Cash donation – Checks payable to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
• Become a Vendor
• Help Advertise the Event
• Join us for the Event

Please feel free to contact me with any question.

DATE: Saturday September 23, 2023
TIME: 11AM – 4PM
LOCATION: Yoga Sol 18302 Imperial hwy, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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Tinas yoga teacher training is the best. She is so kind and caring and helps you uncover your fullest potential moving past fear and doubt. She is still always there to help me with any questions and help me grow as a person and in my teachings.
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Tina is an amazing Yoga instructor! She brings decades of experience and really cares about her students. Her Yoga Teacher training is the best in this area. You won’t be disappointed! I have learned so much from her as a student; she is fair, caring, thorough, honest, and knows sooo much!

– Diana

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