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Anahata Yoga and Wellness


MeditationWould you like to experience calmness, peace of mind, joy, vibrant health, greater energy, positive relationships and fulfillment in life on a regular basis? How stress-free and worry-free sound?

You can enjoy all these benefits and more through meditation.

Physical Benefits of Meditation
With meditation, the physiology undergoes many changes. Every cell in the body is infused with more life force energy (Prana).

On a physical level, meditation:

Lowers high blood pressure
Decreases pain, such as, tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint issues
Increases serotonin production which improves mood and behavior
Boosts the immune system
Strengthens the nervous system
Increases energy
And more
Mental & Emotional Benefits of Meditation
Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing. The mind becomes fresh, delicate and beautiful.

Reduces Anxiety
Increases Emotional stability, and creativity
Intuition develops
Gain clarity and peace of mind
Meditation sharpens the mind yet keeps it relaxed
Increases Awareness of self and surroundings
Allows you to act instead of react
Helps to keep you in the present moment
Increases Happiness and Joy!
There are many techniques to help focus the mind, contemplate, reflect and bring about stillness to the body and mind. Inquire today to find the technique that suits you best for your current situation.



Flexibility of muscles and spine Stress
Strength of entire system Blood Pressure
Lung capacity Risk of Injury
Circulation Mental Chatter
Energy Pain
Balance and Coordination Negativity
Peace of mind/Inner stillness Risk of Injury
Range of motion
And more…….


Blood Pressure
Risk of Injury
Mental Chatter



Yoga Therapy with tina has helped me to become aware of my body and habits and take charge of my life and my health. I am stronger and my pain has been significantly reduced in a short period of time. I will definitely keep moving forward with her recommendations.

– Anita S.

Up Coming Teacher Training

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

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