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Sweet Kale Beet Salad

Sweet Kale Beet SaladHere it is already – March. Time changes, time flies. It’s all about the green. So, what better recipe this month than a quick-to-make, healthy, fortifying salad? It packs well for lunch, makes a great side for dinner next to a piece of roasted garlic chicken or a filet of your favorite fish with a squeeze of lemon. And, it has enough sweetness and crunch that everyone in your family will (hopefully) give it a try. It’s super nourishing after some quality time on the mat, too. You’re probably thinking, “Ok, salad, sure. But kale?” I love kale in salads because it doesn’t go insta-soggy and it’s packed with vitamins A and C. Plus, after eating this, you and your family/friends will think they’re pretty awesome when you all dig into your tasty salad and exclaim “OMG! I ate kale and beets AND I liked it!” So, nosh on this and dream about the fun things you’ll do this month with the extra daylight and all of the time this saved you in the kitchen. Namaste! (more…)

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