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Who We Are

YOGA SOL is committed to establishing the highest quality yoga experience in a beautiful Yorba Linda studio setting. We offer a diverse array of yoga classes for the newest beginner to the seasoned practitioner.

Our dedicated and skilled instructors are committed to individually mentoring our students to fully experience the gifts of yoga: physical toning, flexibility, balance, body awareness, and mental clarity. We offer an upbeat, welcoming environment with a priority on safety and personal challenge. Each class is filled with creative energy, variety, and humor to keep you inspired in your practice.

It is our intention to create the best in a yoga community to support your individual practice and transformation.

Offerings and Trainings

Yoga Meditation


Teacher Training


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Private, Semi Private & Therapeutic* Sessions

Whether you’re a new student looking to quickly build a strong foundation, an experienced student wanting to advance to the next level, or someone working to heal an injury, Private Sessions with YOGA SOL instructors are a valuable resource to support your practice while meeting your individual needs.

Yoga Sol offers three programs: Private, Semi Private and Therapeutic* Private Sessions (for client’s requesting a Certified Yoga Therapist* and greater therapeutic focus)

Memberships & Fees

(Immediate family, verified same household, four person maximum) (4 person immediate family = parents and children under 26 years old.)

*No long term contracts, 30-day written notice required to cancel or pause. Limited pauses may be granted for a period of 30 days or longer.

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Virtual Monthly Unlimited Membership


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Annual Unlimited Membership


Annual Family Unlimited Membership


Our Teachers

Tina Makris

Noelle Sumaya

Amy Valdez

Kayla Bennett

Lora Blumer

Christine Chui

Bob Derobbio

Michelle DeSantis

Stacey Dreyfus

Mary Graham

Cynthia Headrick

Rowann James

Jenny Jensen

Tuffy McDonald

Amee Patel

Nina Roberts

Elizabeth Rojas

Parul Shah

Susan Sellers

Michelle Smith

Rozanne Strong

Natasha Molla

Stephanie Wise