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Anahata Yoga and Wellness


We as people come in all shapes, sizes, temperaments, and characteristics which affect our health, physically, mentally and emotionally. In order to sustain well-being and happiness we must understand our own nature. Ayurveda is a scientific system which helps us to understand our individual variations that which no standard medical system can adequately deal with. Ayurveda is known as the “Sister Science to Yoga”. These variations, referred to as constitutional patterns, do not happen at random. The Ayurvedic constitutional types are broken down into 3 categories; Vata, Pitta and Kapha which correspond to the elements of Air, Fire, and Water. These constitutional types or commonly referred to as Doshas give attention to physical and psychological aspects of our being. Each dosha exists in a second element that serves as the medium for its manifestation, acting as its container. Each person physical makeup contains all three doshas. Kapha makes up our flesh and our secretions, the water in our body. Pitta gives us our warmth and capacity to transform substances in the body, our fire. Vata governs our energies and activities, giving us our air. However, the proportion of each of the doshas varies according to the individual. This is called your constitution or prakiti. Diseases are characteristically one dosha or another.

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Tina is an amazing Yoga instructor! She brings decades of experience and really cares about her students. Her Yoga Teacher training is the best in this area. You won’t be disappointed! I have learned so much from her as a student; she is fair, caring, thorough, honest, and knows sooo much!

– Diana

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