The Benefits of Meditation

YOGA SOL is looking forward to Glen Swindler’s MEDITATION WORKSHOP Sat April 13th 1-4pm!  I asked Glen to relate his own feelings about mediation, which he shares below along with a few insights from fellow students:

Hello fellow Yogi,

I am often asked, “What practice has had the greatest effect, on you?” Without question I would respond “Meditation,” but I would not have found mediation, if not for Yoga (asana practice)!

MeditationLearn the meditation that is best for you, and become familiar with the many practices surrounding meditation.

I’ve included comments from your fellow practitioners at different points in their practice, perhaps the people you may have laid your mat next to, expressing their experience around meditation.


“I have been a student of yoga for almost 3 years, but only recently have I decided I wanted to make daily meditation a part of my life.  I approached Glen to help me.  He is my original yoga teacher/mentor and his guidance has played a large part in cultivating my love of yoga, so I knew he was the perfect choice to help me with my introduction to meditation.

I am discovering that with practice, I can experience a feeling of relaxation, calm and inner peace.  Glen’s knowledge, patience and caring made my first experience with meditation a positive and enjoyable one indeed.

I have no doubt that meditation is truly one of the greatest gifts I can give myself, and I am grateful that I have chosen to make it a daily part of my life.”

Valerie – Orange, CA


“I have been meditating daily for seven months as part of my Ayurvedic routine.  For me, just several minutes of meditation results in an overall sense of calm and relaxation.  It gives me a deeper awareness of my body and increases my mental clarity.  Deep relaxation combats stress, which I had often easily surrendered to.  The physical and mental benefits of meditation are cumulative.  My immunity increased–I have only gotten sick once since I began to meditate.  A daily meditation practice is something that everyone can make time for and reap its copious benefits.”

Dolly – Fullerton, CA

Ginger I had been meditating on my own for some time when I signed up for Glen Swindler’s Meditation Workshop. I craved the inner peace and stillness of meditation but found myself struggling instead with an endless stream of thoughts, distractions and confusion about what techniques to use and whether I was doing it right.

Not only did Glen’s workshop give me abundant tools, techniques and understanding that were needed to be successful, but it put me in touch with the more subtle qualities and effects of meditation. Through Glen’s guidance, I was able to further explore the use of feelings and sensations rather than just techniques to release into a deeper meditative state. This workshop was a real turning point for me in developing the skill and confidence I needed to create my own personal meditation practice. I now meditate daily, before sunrise, and have also facilitated a local meditation group.

I highly recommend Glen Swindler’s Meditation Workshop to experienced and novice meditators alike. His mastery of and experience with meditation will give you the knowledge, insight, and inspiration necessary to create a beautiful meditative practice that works for you.”

Ginger – Yorba   Linda, CA

I would like to add my own short testimonial about meditation. “The one practice that has deepened my practice was/is meditation”

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